Previous CoEN call funded projects

CoEN 2011: Funded projects

Standards for determining the vascular contribution to neurodegeneration
Joanna Wardlaw (MRC), Martin Dichgans (DZNE), Dr Eric Smith (CIHR)

Integrated approach to identify novel genes for frontotemporal lobar degeneration
Marc Cruts (VIB), Christine Van Broeckhoven (VIB), Christian Haass (DZNE), Dieter Edbauer (DZNE) 

Mitochondrial dysfunction and susceptibility to Parkinson’s disease: New models of pathogenetic interactions
Donato A. Di Monte (DZNE), David S. Park (CIHR), Fabio Blandini (MDS), Anthony H.V. Schapira (MRC) 

Early synaptic plasticity and network dysfunction in transgenic (tg) rat models of Alzheimer’s disease (AD)
Michael Rowan (HRB/SFI), Claudio Cuello (CIHR), Martin Fuhrmann (DZNE),Michel Goedert (MRC) and Stefan Remy (DZNE)

Immune subtype in Parkinson disease
Thomas Gasser (DZNE), Antonio P. Strafella (CIHR)

C. elegans models of mitochondrial deficiency in the nervous system
Daniele Bano (DZNE), Siegfried Hekimi (CIHR), Mario de Bono (MRC)

The GENetic Frontotemporal Dementia Initiative (GENFI): a new multi-centre platform for the study of frontotemporal lobar degeneration
Martin Rossor (MRC), Giovanni B. Frisoni (MDS), Mario Masellis (CIHR)

Identification of generic supressors of proteinopathies
David Rubinsztein (MRC), Joerg Gsponer (CIHR)

CoEN 2013: Pathfinder I funded projects

Targeting glucocerebrosidase for disease-modifying treatments in Parkinson’s diseaseAnthony H.V. Schapira (UK), David Park (Canada), Donato Di Monte (Germany) and Fabio Blandini (Italy)

WNT signaling: biomarker and target evaluation in Alzheimer’s disease Antonio Cuadrado (Spain), James Woodgett (Canada) and Simon Lovestone (UK)

Mechanisms of amyloid-β clearance in models of vascular cognitive impairment and mixed dementiaGabor Petzold (Germany) and Danica Stanimirovic (Canada)

In vivo neuronal cell reprogramming for a new regenerative approach in Parkinson’s diseaseVania Broccoli (Italy), Alexander Dityatev (Germany) and Josè Luis Lanciego (Spain) 

microRNA as novel therapeutic targets and disease biomarkers in Alzheimer's Disease, Frontotemporal dementia and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (NEURO-MIR)Jochen Prehn (Ireland), Andre Fischer (Germany), Pierre Lau (Flanders), Jose Lucas (Spain)

CoEN 2015: Pathfinder II funded projects

  • Towards a unifying theory of Parkinson’s disease: Investigation of the biochemical and genetic role of Rab GTPases
    Dario Alessi (UK), Miratul Muqit (UK), Thomas Gasser (Germany)
  • Protection of neurons in vitro and in vivo from Synuclein toxicity by molecular tweezers
    Erwan Bezard (France), Carlos Matute (Spain), Richard Wade-Martins (UK)
  • Decoding Presymptomatic white matter changes in Huntington Disease (WIN-HD)
    Alexandra Durr (France), Sarah Tabrizi (UK)
  • Synaptic correlates of learning and memory dysfunction analysed by super-resolution STED microscopy in the hippocampus in vivo
    Martin Fuhrmann (Germany), Daniel Choquet (France)
  • GWAS in AD: focus on microRNA
    Sébastien Hébert (Canada), Jean-Charles Lambert (France), Luc Buée (France)
  • BAFF/APRIL in the central nervous system
    Bertrand Huard (France), Stefan Lichtenthaler (Germany)    
  • Therapeutic targeting of impaired lysosomal flux in Alzheimer’s disease
    Cora O’Neill (Republic of Ireland), Rebecca Sims (UK)
  • Novel control of MT5-MMP on amyloidogenic and inflammatory pathways: validation in human iPSCs from Alzheimer patients and potential therapeutic perspectives
    Santiago Rivera (France), Alexander Dityatev (Germany)
  • Identifying effectors of mutant C9Orf72 ALS/FTD to combat neurodegeneration
    Kevin Talbot (UK), Georg Haase (France)
  • Using C. elegans to understand seeding and spreading of tau aggregation
    Rebecca Taylor (UK), Della David (Germany)
  • Mito-ND: Mitochondrial Neurodegeneration
    Massimo Zeviani (UK), Peter Heutink (Germany)

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