Innate Memory-related blood Biomarkers as a proxy of microglia-mediated neurodegeneration to predict early AD progression (ADIMB)

Fabrizio Piras (Italy), Paul Edison (UK)

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a severe and progressive illness of the brain. It is characterized by neuronal death and consequent impairment of memory, thinking and behavior. So far AD is incurable mainly because its diagnosis is based on symptoms developed because of the irreversible neuronal damage, thus too late for efficacious intervention. Recent studies suggest that inflammation in the brain, influenced by peripheral inflammatory conditions, is a main driver of this disease. The present research project will focus on patients with early AD and is addressed to evaluate changes in blood immune cells that are related to brain inflammation, early neuronal damage and severity of early symptoms. Our goal is to identify efficient blood tests to help diagnose AD and evaluate treatments. This result will be useful in making clinical trials more rigorous and affordable, will accelerate drug development and will improve clinical care by providing access to accurate diagnoses.