COEN Workshop on Neuroimaging

The objective of the meeting in Montreal was to explore joint definition of funding concepts relating to areas of common collaborative interest, and to agree on the specific funding process applicable to jointly funded pilot research projects. It’s part of a two step process for the implementation of the initiative, involving expert workshops to scope the requirements, followed by a call for proposals to establish collaborative teams.

COEN Workshop on Animal Models

Most neurodegenerative diseases are caused by the abnormal misfolding of a small number of proteins which assemble into filamentous aggregates in some nerve cells and glial cells. Existing therapies are at best symptomatic. There is therefore an urgent need to develop mechanism-based therapies for these diseases. This requires a detailed understanding of the molecular mechanisms causing neurodegeneration and good experimental models in which to evaluate potential therapies.


COEN Workshop on SOP & Biomarkers

There is an obvious need of common SOPs and biomarkers in neurodegenerative research. Three major areas were identified and extensively discussed during the workshop:

  1. Genetics and Epigenetics,
  2. Neurochemical Biomarkers (proteins, RNA, metabolites) and
  3. Cognitive Biomarkers.